Hyb-IT-up Student guidebook is ready!

One of our main project outcomes, the guidebook for higher education students is now available!

This research-based, practical guidebook offers a collection of real experiences and advice for specific hurdles and barriers in hybrid learning. The guidebook is developed based on our framework of hybrid learning. To design the framework, we have conducted a literature review and collected guidelines from hybrid learning studies from student point of view. Based on the findings, we conceptualized four main hybrid learning competences for students: Digital skills, Communication skills, Self-Regulated learning skills and Emotional self-regulation skills.

This interactive guidebook contains a lot of practical tips to acquire and develop these main competencies, providing various useful digital tools, for example, for scheduling meetings, collaborating with peers, and time management strategies etc. By clicking the small picture of the tool in the guidebook, readers can jump to the original product page and deepen their knowledge about how to effectively use it.

The key point of the guidebook is its concise and colourful format. We transferred scientific knowledge and concepts into easy-to-read texts to attract the wide range of readers across disciplines. The guidebook has a lot of graphics and the effect of flipping pages like a real book so that the reader can enjoy reading and learning. In that way, we tried to make this book as accessible as possible to reach out wider audience, shifting mindsets towards hybrid learning from challenges to potentials.

The guidebook is available in English, Finnish, Estonian, German, Dutch and Portuguese. Welcome to explore it!