Co-design of a framework for implementing hybrid teaching and learning strategies. 

About the workshop

This workshop addresses the growing trend of hybrid learning in education: the need to understand affordances, obstacles, and optimal ways of implementing it. It is conducted within the context of the Erasmus+ project “Hyb-IT-up”, which aims to empower higher education teachers/learners to leverage their full potential. Activities are designed to engage participants in exploring the concept of “hybrid teaching/learning” with teachers and educators. Participants will be divided into two groups: one face-to-face and another using Zoom to simulate a hybrid approach. Outcomes will be the co-design of a framework for hybrid learning and teaching competencies, which supports our future guidebook development.

Goals of the workshop

• Identify challenges and potentials of hybrid learning and teaching
• Reimagine hybrid practices in the current post-pandemic educational context
• Co-design hybrid teaching and learning approaches
• Review existing hybrid teaching and learning guidelines
• Promote participants’ generic, contextual, and transformative competences

Outputs during the workshop

• Hands-on experience in hybrid learning
• Overview of challenges and potentials of hybrid learning and teaching
• Novel co-designed approaches to hybrid teaching
• Miro discussion board created by the participants as a tangible, open material
• Enlarge network

Outputs after the workshop

• Framework for hybrid teaching and learning competencies
• Guidebooks to foster hybrid teaching and learning competencies
• A white book on potential technological developments for hybrid learning and teaching
• A study on hybrid learning and teaching competencies
• Two articles


Format: Face-to-face (we will prepare a mock hybrid environment)

Date: 5 September 2023

Place: ECTEL 2023, in Aveiro, Portugal


Duration: 3.5 hours

Target group (max 25): Higher Education teachers, lecturers, researchers, teacher training students, and learners
* The participants of the workshop need to be ECTEL participants

Required material: Laptop (or tablet) and headphones

Workshop structure

Introduction [30 minutes]

  • A brief introduction to key concepts of Hybrid teaching and learning
  • Presentation of the Hybrid teaching and learning framework
  • Instructions on how to use the Miro board
  • Brainstorming on how to perform in Hybrid teaching and learning contexts

Hands-on activity [90 minutes]

  • Icebreaking and team-building activities (getting to know each other)
  • Developing hands-on activities following a World Café methodology, namely:

a) design of a Hybrid teaching and learning scenario (group work)
b) provide feedback regarding the work developed by a different work group
c) undertake a three-minute pitch followed by a discussion between the groups

Coffee break

Feedback activity, including a 3-minute pitch [60 minutes]

Wrap-up [15 minutes]

Presentation of the results of the work developed

Evaluation [15 minutes]