Blended Learning ohne Durchhänger (Blended Learning outside the ruts)

Paulo J. M. Santos and Prof. Armin Weinberger from Saarland University (Universität des Saarlandes) in Germany, one of the Hyb-IT-up project partners, have published an article Blended Learning ohne Durchhänger – Prinzipien für positive und wirkungsvolle Blended-Learning-Kombinationen (English: Blended learning outside the ruts – principles for positive and effective blended learning combinations) in German journal ‘Blended lernen?’.

The article discusses the concept of Blended Learning (BL), briefly bringing some of the historical context and evolution of BL, as well as its resistance to a universally accepted definition. Different models of BL are presented, such as the rotation model, flex model, and flipped classroom. Furthermore, the article emphasizes some foundational principles (repetition, expectations, feedback, emerging learning objects, autonomy, and competence) that have the potential to impact BL effectiveness. This project is also briefly mentioned in the article.

The journal is open access and anyone interested can download the article (only in German language).