About the project


Hyb-IT-up -project supports higher education teachers’ and students’ use of digital technologies in a pedagogically meaningful way to encourage hybrid learning and teaching. The project aims to develop digi-pedagogical design and materials empowering teachers and students to engage and enjoy productive learning in a hybrid teaching mode.

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning refers in our case to a mode of teaching which is implemented flexibly as online and face-to-face mode, covering the situations where students can participate in the same activities either in class or in distance. This means that the traditional blended learning approach is broadened, since blended learning includes activities either online or in class but not taking into account situations where students are in both conditions at the same time.

Project activities

Hybrid mode of teaching and learning is assumed to continue in the post-pandemic situation and become a common teaching method in higher education. This means that teachers need to cultivate specific pedagogical and digital skills in order to plan, implement and assess hybrid learning. Not only teachers, but also students need skills to effectively participate in this new learning environment. In such challenging situations both for teachers and students, we aim to support them by providing practical, but highly research-based- solutions for hybrid learning. To stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices in the long-term, the following main products/activities will be created throughout the project runtime.



A systematic literature review will be conducted to design a measurement instrument to assess higher education students’ and teachers’ readiness for hybrid learning. The instrument will be tested and validated empirically through our quantitative survey. The report of the survey will be published in an open access repository.



We will publish interactive guidebooks for teachers and students. Our research-based, practical guidebook offers a collection of real experiences and advice for specific hurdles and barriers in hybrid learning. The guidebooks are implemented in our micro courses as supplemental learning materials.


Micro courses

The Micro-courses aim at helping teachers and students develop knowledge and skills related to hybrid learning. The contents include essential digital tools, theoretically-grounded pedagogical solutions and best practices of hybrid learning. The participants will obtain a micro-credential, which can be useful for their present/future academic and professional career.



Co-design workshop will be conducted as part of Guidebook and Micro-course development processes. The workshop will connect higher education teachers and students from different partner universities and engage them in problem-oriented discussions and solution creation.

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Hyb-IT-up project tackles the educational challenge caused by Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed our ways of working and studying to be more online and even hybrid mode.